Finer Limits for the Best Graphic Design in Commercial Use

Finer Limits for the Best Graphic Design in Commercial Use

Finer Limits for the Best Graphic Design in Commercial Use

In London, on the eve of Christmas of the first year of the XXI century, one hundred of the wealthiest families in England received as a gift a pigeon in a gold cage with a letter written on it using a ring and beautiful ribbon to the bird’s foot. Naturally, the British could not refuse such a gift.

The Addressee

The addressee will certainly pay attention to the main, graphics part of this message a nominal letter, so unusual, exquisitely and ingeniously packaged in a golden cage, written in high calligraphic style on an exclusive letterhead with a logo. The congratulatory letter contained the request of the sender to pay attention to the services offered since all the repeated attempts to contact the addressee so far have not been successful. For the graphic design the options are there as well.

  • This little episode in more than three hundred years of advertising design of marketing communications of private banks helps to visualize the advertising design of marketing communications as the main “vanishing point” of a randomly chosen topic, problems, and relevance of this dissertation research.
  • The primary task of the managers of the division, which plans to engage in banking services to the wealthiest families in England, was to attract new customers at the highest level. In this regard, the usual marketing procedures were undertaken: luxurious customer events, exquisite gifts, convincing direct mailings of offers of service presentations, etc., they were listed in a mailing message. But contacts with potential customers did not improve, despite the first-class work of many experienced marketing specialists. The budget limit for the opening of the Barclays family office has ended. Then a new communicative object was invented – an exquisite stylization of the archetype, namely, the pigeon post, traditionally revered by the British, as a way to get attention and make contact with such a hard-to-reach audience.

A new communicative object created by the designer – a graphic message packed in such an original “envelope” is a creative phenomenon.

design, solving the problem, not looking at the prototypes that divide the design into “graphics”, “environmental”, “industrial”, “textile”, or rigidly distinguish between marketing and design, branding and design, etc.

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