Most Memorable Super Bowl Ads of all Time


Everyone knows the Super Bowl doubles as the championship game for the advertising industry with each passing year. Companies pay top dollar $4 million this year for 30-second spots to air their pitches before the millions of consumers watching the game. Needless to say, these commercials need to make a statement. With constant effort some ads failed spectacularly like GoDaddy and many more, while others are remembered decades after they aired. Checkout the Sunday’s game, here are top 10 most memorable Super Bowl ads in history!

Cindy Crawford for Pepsi, 1992

This commercial aired during the 1992 Super Bowl, when the Buffalo Bills lost to the Washington Redskins. Commercial features supermodel Cindy Crawford and two young boys just can’t take their eyes off the Pepsi Can!

Larry Bird vs. Michael Jordan McDonald’s Ad, 1993

This commercial aired in 1993, when Michael Jackson was the Super Bowl halftime act, while O.J. Simpson performed the game’s opening coin toss.

Budweiser’s Frogs, 1995

This commercial make impossible to drink a Budweiser in 1995 without thinking of this frog ad.

Parisian Love by Google, 2010

This Google commercial is romantic and also makes us want to delete our cache immediately. This ad explains a love story of foreign exchange student in Paris, showing search queries typed on computer screen!

Apple’s 1984, 1984

This iconic commercial aired during the third quarter of the Super Bowl in 1984. This ad was taken from the Gorge Orwell novel “1984” and the world’s introduction to the Apple McIntosh computers.

E-Trade Baby, 2008–2013

This commercial explains how anything sound simple, even online trading.

Britney Spears Pepsi Generation, 2002

This ad features Britney Spears, in which she played time less pop star of 50s, 60s and 80s singer, among other characters

Betty White for Snickers, 2010

Volkswagen The Force, 2011

This is an iconic commercial which has been viewed over 63 million times on YouTube.

Liam Neeson Clash of Clans: Revenge, 2015

This 2015 ad features an ultra-intense Lain Neeson preparing his vengeance on Clash of Clans online gamer.

The 2017 Super Bowl or Super Bowl LI, is the annual championship game of the National Football League (NFL). In 1970 the Super Bowl game was created as a result of agreement between National Football League (NFL) and American Football League (AFL). The first Super Bowl was held on January 15, 1967.


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