Online Learning with Edgenuity

Online Learning with Edgenuity

In Grossmont Secondary School, our teachers inspire pupils to take charge of their own learning. Together with Edgenuity, our formal schooling program of the online program, pupils control the time, place, and speed where they learn. This modern learning environment educates our students to become self-motivated, self-disciplined, and answerable –fundamental skills required for future success!

Background: Recent press reports are critical of using Edgenuity from San Diego Unified School District. The policy outlines how rampant cheating is happening when students are registered in only online classes at SDUSD.

Included in this program, Altus Schools use Edgenuity and many different software choices which improve pupils’ learning experiences. All pupils at Altus Schools have access to the online program as tools for studying. There’s an extremely selective process to permit students to complete courses through internet program only.

Following are a few common problems with Online Software. The next drop-down highlights the best practices utilized in Altus Schools to make sure top quality rigor and academic ethics.

Best Practices and Considerations out of Edgenuity

Twenty of the top 25 college districts in the USA are represented in this number. Edgenuity recommends these practices.

Step one in a solid academic ethics policy is setting expectations that are appropriate for pupils in writing. Both parents and pupils should sign an internet learning honor code, and the consequences of violating the code ought to be serious. If impacts are too mild (e.g.,”If you cheat on a quiz, you are going to need to take it “) the benefit of getting away with cheating only does not outweigh the probability of being caught.

All teachers at the college website –from prosecution to teachers–must align to the seriousness of this honor code and should convey this seriousness to pupils.


Open-Ended Questions: Teachers must set expectations, particularly around open-ended inquiries. Whether an online or traditional learning environment, it’s typical for teachers to assign brief written assignments (such as journals) rather than assign grades to each entry. Edgenuity indicates that teachers determine to assess low-stakes written homework and create successful campaigns a part of a participation level. Students who do not properly participate must be asked to replicate the whole lesson, and this policy ought to be communicated beforehand so that pupils understand their whole effort is anticipated.

Grade Weight: The following consideration is how much of this weight is allocated to actions which are closely tracked. By way of instance, if unit evaluations and cumulative exams constitute 50 percent or more or less the class grade, pupils know they need to concentrate on learning the content from the internet course. There is not as much motivation to mute the movie and watch a film or cheat on quizzes when pupils know they’ll be held liable for the material at the conclusion of the device and in the close of the semester.

Answer Keys for edgenuity has many settings embedded to permit teachers to proctor examinations, making sure that pupils can’t cheat and do the job themselves. With this setting, students may focus on assignments and instruction from home but have to take examinations in college (they’ll skip over the examinations at home and be led to them automatically when they reach college ).