Super Bowl 2017 Odds


The 2017 Super Bowl is scheduled to be held on 5th Feb 2017 at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas. We can’t be sure who will compete in the 2017 Super Bowl, No one does actually! 2017 Super Bowl 51 is still more than 3 months away. We can tell you with surety a few team that won’t be playing in the Super Bowl 2017 such as- Philadelphia Eagles, Los Angeles Rams, Cleveland Browns and San Francisco 49ers. It’s pretty simple to narrow down a handful of teams who don’t have a chance of winning the 2017 Super Bowl. But there’s a big chunk of teams who started their seasons with a record of 3-1 or even better, making 85% chances to win Super Bowl 51.

Earlier, the NFL season begin with maximum teams hoping of making into a championship run, but unfortunately only a few teams standout as powerful Super Bowl contenders. Five teams enter the season with 10/1 betting odds or better to win Super Bowl LI, while eight others are legitimate contenders with odds of 20/1 or better.

The Best 5 odds of winning Super Bowl 51 or 2017 Super Bowl are listed below:

  • New England Patriots: Odds: +350
  • Pittsburgh Steelers: Odds: +675
  • Minnesota Vikings: +750
  • Green Bay Packers: +800
  • Seattle Seahawks: +850

2017 Super Bowl 51 Prediction:

As per our prediction for Super Bowl 51- New England Patriots remains the best team and no one can stop them from reaching the Super Bowl. Teams having pretty much chances are Houston Texans, New York Giants, Cincinnati Bengals, Indianapolis Colts, Oakland Raiders, Kansas City Chiefs, Dallas Cowboys, Denver Broncos, Washington Redskins and Baltimore Ravens.

According to the latest Odds- the New England Patriots are currently the favourites to win the 2016 Super Bowl. The Patriots odds of winning the AFC East have clearing improved from 2/11 to 1/10, while patriots also became the favourites to win the AFC and represent the conference in the 2017 Super Bowl. New England Patriots are also favourite to win Super Bowl 51 with 7/2 odds. Steelers and Vikings have tied for second with 7/1 odds.

The 2017 Super Bowl or Super Bowl LI, is the annual championship game of the National Football League (NFL). In 1970 the Super Bowl game was created as a result of agreement between National Football League (NFL) and American Football League (AFL). The first Super Bowl was held on January 15, 1967.


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