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It’s no surprise that everyone watching this year’s Super Bowl has festive in the game. As in years past there is different competition peeking interest outside the white lines. The Super Bowl is not just considered as the ultimate competition in American sports, it’s mostly about the commercials- the ultimate competition for marketers. Super Bowl commercials is a place where brands compete to create differentiation and expand their market. The 30 second ad can be a deciding moment for a brand- in both positive and negative manner. The average cost of a 30-second commercial during the Super Bowl has ranged from $37,500 at Super Bowl I, to around $2.2 million at Super Bowl XXXIV in 2000, and by Super Bowl XLIX in 2015, had doubled to around $4.5 million. As per the national surveys, many viewers only watch the game to see the commercials.

Mainly advertiser’s commercials to seek awareness for their products and services among the wide audience. A number of famous brands, including Budweiser, Coca-Cola, Doritos, Go Daddy and Master Lock, have been well known for making repeated appearances during the Super Bowl.

While the commercials of Super Bowl reach a wide audience, we feel that advertisers are missing a great opportunity to showcase more cats, as dogs seen to be getting all the airtime. Checkout our Top Super Bowl Commercial Cats.

Cat Super Bowl Commercials and Beyond!

Axe “Find Your Magic”

This is 2016 favourite Super Bowl commercial. Axe encouraging men to embrace what makes them unique. Also, KITTIES!

Dear Kitten: Regarding the Big Game (TEASER)

This cat has been around for a while, so he’s sharing his wisdom with the household’s new kitty. And this time, Cat is offering up some tips on preparing for the Big Game. This is one SUPER cute commercial!

Cravendale – Cats with Thumbs

Happy Inside- IKEA cats advert

Bouygues Telecom presents Kittens Telecom (English Version)

The 2017 Super Bowl or Super Bowl LI, is the annual championship game of the National Football League (NFL). In 1970 the Super Bowl game was created as a result of agreement between National Football League (NFL) and American Football League (AFL). The first Super Bowl was held on January 15, 1967.


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