What is a Drill Press?

A drill press is a type of drill that is fixed into a structure that is either drill press stand or drill press floor. There are portable models that have a magnetic base that grips the steel that is to be drilled. A typical drill press is constructed with a base, table, drill head, column and spindle, and often powered by an induction motor. Usually, the drill press is measured by using swing, which is a term that defines by the throat distance multiplied in doubles, which is actually the distance between the edge of the pillar until the middle of the spindle.

Compared to a hand drill, it takes less effort to use the drill on a workpiece with a drill press as the mechanical advantage that comes with it is the supporting structure of the rack and pinion placing the workpiece in place, allowing the spindle to do its work at a fixed position. This also increases safety as the clamp is placed upon the piece that restrains movements that would encourage a cleaner finish. Furthermore, IT usually come with motors that are much more powerful than regular hand drills, thus allowing larger drill bits to be utilized and increase the drilling speed on smaller workpieces.

Drill presses are not only used for drilling holes, they are also used for other miscellaneous tasks in a workshop including polishing and sanding. A sanding drum is mounted when required to do these tasks or attaching honing wheels when needed to refine a piece of metal. However, the chuck component in the drill can be unsafe as the arbor may disconnect itself in the middle of an operation if the loads at the side are too high to handle.

Still, drill presses are a great addition if you’re someone consistently getting their hands on and creating new things. With the right equipment and safety knowledge, owning a drill press will certainly give you a mechanical advantage.